1Will whitening my teeth damge my enamel?
When the proper products are used no damage is done to the integrity of your enamel. Acidic products can deteriorate and weaken the tooth's enamel. This can occur in alot of over the counter products. Our whitening gels are ph balanced, used and endorsed by dentists accross North America and completley safe for use.
2How white will my teeth be after a whitening treatment?
Results from teeth whitening vary from person to person depending on the mineral make up of your enamel type and the amount and cause of staining. Our gels are dental grade, clinical strength and stronger than most used outside of a dental office. They work 100% of the time, but the results vary for the reasons mentioned above. However we do guarantee that you will see immediate results and that your teeth will be brighter than they were before we started.
3What is the whitening agent used in your products?
I love answering this question. It tells me that you want to know what's being used in your mouth, and you should! We have a Botanical Formula with the brightening agent being Sodium Bicarbonate. Our most used formulas contain either Carbamide or Hydrogen Peroxide.These gels are natural, plant based formulas free of preservatives that are Vegan, Gluten, Soy and Cruelty Free.
4If I have sensitive teeth, can I still get them whitened?
With confidence I can say ABSOLUTLEY! There are many ways to lessen and prevent sensitivity when it comes to teeth whitening. Our Pre and Post treatments as well as our unique application method make all the difference. One whitening gel does not fit all which is why we choose to carry several different formulas. This ensures we have options when clients present with pre exisiting sensitivity issues.
5Is it safe to get my teeth whitened when I'm pregnant or nursing?
Yes! Our Botanical Formula is safe for pregnant/nursing women and kids under 16. The brightening agent is Sodium Bicarbinate and it is 100% safe to use as it contains no Carbamide or Hydrogen Peroxide.
6Should I have my teeth cleaned before I get them whitened?
The simple answer is yes, but I know that is not always possible due to wait times and scheduing. If it has been more than 9 months since your last cleaning and your brushing and flossing habits are inconsistent, I'd recommend a cleaning first for best whitening results.

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