Custom Treatments

Each session at the Brighten Up Bar is customized for your specific enamel and type of staining. We have several whitening formulas to chose from so that we can be sure we have the right product for your individual needs. Our unique open mouth isolation application gives us the flexibility to treat each tooth seperatley if needed as well as avoid any areas of recession. To mitigate the chance of procedure related sensitivity, it is impotant that your teeth are pre and post treated. We take all the necessary steps to ensure the integrity of your enamel is not compromised and gingival tissue is protected during treatment.

Premium Whitening Treatment

This treatment is for clients visiting the office for the first time. All appointments begin with a consultation. We will discuss your past/current oral health and any previous whitening expereinces as well as go over any possible allergies in relation to the ingredients in our whitening products. From there we will take a closer look at your enamel and gums noting areas we need to be cautious with such as gum recession or weakened enamel. At this point we will decide which whitening product is best suited to your individual needs. Please allow 90 minutes for this appointment. This will ensure enough time to go over the treatment thoroughly as well as answer any questions that may arise. All Premium Treatments come with a take home kit so you can maintain your in office results at home. $159

Re Fresh Treatment

This treatment is for clients that have already been in to the office for a Premium Treatment. When you return for a Re Fresh appointment will depend on the genetic make up of your enamel, your consumption of high staining food/beverages and your oral habits. For most people, this is between the 8-12 month mark. The take home kit from your Premium Treatment will help to prolong your in office results, so return times vary from client to client. You can expect the same custom care as the Premium Treatment and it includes a refill pen for your take home kit. $120

Signature Side by Side Treatment

Whether you are coming in for the first time for a Premium Whitening Treatment or returning in for a Re Fresh Treatment, you can book with with a friend and save! Side by Side appointments include all the custom care as the Premium Whitening or Re Fresh Treatments AND you get the company of a friend. $130pp ( must come together )
CANCELLATION POLICY: A reminder will be sent to you prior to your appointment to confirm your time. Please ensure you confirm or cancel your appointment at this time. A $25 cancellation fee will be applied to appointments cancelled with less than 12hrs notice. If you don't show up to your appointment at all you will need to contact me directly to discuss the possibility of re-booking

Preparing for Your Appointment

  • Please do not brush with toothpaste immediatly before your appointment, however you may brush with just water to remove any particles that may be present. Toothpaste can fill in the dentinal tubules and we want them open for treatment
  • Eating and or drinking after you brush will help open the tubules up
  • If you experience transient sensitivty, I recommend using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth for 5-7 days before your appointment

Our Guide to Aftercare

  • During the whitening process the aquired pellicle, the protective protein layer on the surface of your enamel, is broken down. This protective layer can take 24 to 48hrs to fully reform post whitening. During this time your teeth can be more vulnerable to re staining as the tubules in the teeth are more exposed. We recommed that during this period you avoid the following:
  • BEVERAGES: Coffee/Tea ( unless consumed through a straw) red wine, highly pigmented juices, soft/sport drinks
  • FRUITS & VEGETABLES: Lemons, limes, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, spinach
  • SAUCES & SPICES: Ketchup, mustard, soy and barbeque sauce, balsamic vinegar, curry, cinnamon, nutmeg
  • SUGARY TREATS: Dark chocolate, Skittles, M&M's, sour candy, gummies